Client Testimonials

We asked some of our clients for letters of recommendation, then decided to photograph them to show the world how we help people with their financial needs and add value to their lives. These are their stories, which they have been kind enough to share.

We would like to thank those who have given their time to tell you about their experiences with us. We look forward to serving you again!

We have been working with Strategic Home Loans since our first condominium purchase in 1995. Since then we’ve bought two homes and refinanced several times, all with Strategic. I know most people don’t stick with the same mortgage broker from one loan to the next, much less for 20 years, but why mess with success? Or more accurately, why mess with easy? With Strategic Home Loans, all our transactions have been easy ones. Everything is done on time and done well, and we’re always informed every step of the way — those things make for an easy transaction.

We have recommended them many times over the years to our friends and family and they have all had the same wonderful experience with him that we have. They’re a keeper.

Karen and Zack Hitch 


 We were in escrow for our new house & were working with another lender. While on our family vacation, he called and said that our financing would be contingent on selling our old house, which was not what he had originally promised. Panic set in as we thought we would lose our dream home due to us being unable to get rid of our old house quickly enough. We were about to cancel escrow when our realtor, Eva Reber, suggested I call Strategic Home Loans and see what they could do.

Within 24 hours, they had found an investor who would give us the loan without any contingencies on selling our house. What a relief! Not only did Strategic Home Loans find a loan that worked for me, but the rate was better than I had with my prior lender.

Jeff and Leidy Schuberg



 Our credit wasn't the best, so when we decided to refinance, I called one of those places that advertised "Credit doesn't matter". They began the loan process, sent out an appraiser for $400 and then stopped calling us. I got the run-around until I finally realized they weren't interested in doing our loan. This happened two more times with two different firms!

Good friends assured me that Robert won't tell you something's going to happen unless he's sure it's going to happen. I called, and he told me that many firms just want to skim the easy loans from calls that their ads generate. These firms often begin a loan, but if it gets too difficult, they just stop working on the file.

Robert wanted to be sure he had approval on a loan before we went through any more paperwork or money. He got us approved for a loan before we even began the paperwork! Now our payments are low enough so that Jennifer can stay home with our three children. We can't thank him enough.

Michael and Jennifer Rosado

When I first bought my home in Agoura almost a year ago, I never thought I'd make it through escrow in one piece! I am a dog trainer by profession and would have rather wrestled a Rottweiler than work with my old mortgage broker again. Now, just 10 months later I wanted to refinance my loan, rid myself of that pesky Private Mortgage Insurance and not have to take an aspirin every time I talked to my broker! My loan was a tough one, as I didnt want to show income. I had already been turned down by a large, well-known lender. Then I called Robert Bartolomea of Strategic Home Loans and the experience was akin to say a weekend at the Four Seasons! As a person, both in life and in business, I value honesty, integrity and human acts of kindness. Robert Bartolomea and his incredible staff won both my confidence and my heart not to mention all my future home loans!

Lori Peikoff, Urban Jungle Dog Training



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