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Looking to Refinance Your Home?

There's plenty of reasons to refinance. Perhaps interest rates have gone down since you purchased or refinanced last, which would mean lower mortgage payments. Maybe your adjustable rate mortgage's interest rate is going up and you need to protect your finances with a mortgage payment that doesn't keep changing.

Maybe you could consolidate your debt and pay off those credit card bills, which have higher interest rates than home loans do. Or suppose you needed some extra cash to pay for college tuition, home improvements, or a new car. Refinancing is a great tool to lower your overall payments and free up equity.

As your mortgage consultant, we promise a free annual review of your mortgage to help inform you of your options. If your credit score has improved or if you've built up enough equity, you could be eligible for a lower interest rate!

Call me, Robert, at (805) 496-7500 ext. 210 if you'd like to review your current loan.

When to Refinance: If you're already one of our clients, then we already do a free review to help you decide when the best time to refinance is.  If you're not yet one of our raving fans, this link will tell you more about when it would be a good time to refinance.

Refinancing Options: Here is some information on the types of loans that may work for your particular refinancing situation.

Types of Loans: A quick review of fixed-rate loans, adjustable rate mortgages, and hybrid loans.

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