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We'll help you through the entire process.  Buying a home has many steps, but we'll be there with you the whole way with less paperwork and personal attention.

There are many factors that affect your home financing, and there are several ways that you can pay for your home.  Each individual's situation is unique, so when you're ready, call 818-865-2500 x210 for a custom analysis of your financial situation.

Below are several links to help inform you about the home purchasing process:

9 Steps to Ownership:  A brief video tutorial on the home buying process.

The Loan Process: A summary overview of the processing of getting a home loan.

Getting Pre-approved: To have the best leverage for negotiating for your new home, it's best to get pre-approved before you even begin searching for a home!  Read more about what pre-approval can do for you.

Your FICO and Credit Score: Your credit score has a huge impact on the loan programs and interest rates you qualify for.  When we go over a free pre-qualification consultation with you, we'll check your credit with the three big credit reporting agencies:  Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian.  We'll even show you how to improve your credit score and dispute mistakes on your credit report. 

Types of Loans: A quick review of fixed-rate loans, adjustable rate mortgages, and hybrid loans.

Buyer Don'ts: Things to avoid if you're buying a home.

Apply Now: Call to set up an appointment with us to get a clear idea of your options.  With your application filled out, we can start shopping for the best loan for you.  Whether you want to complete the application by mail, phone, fax, or online, we can help you through the application form.

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