The Strategic Home Loans Guarantee

At Strategic Home Loans, our goal is to create a legacy of highly satisfied customers. The way we achieve our high level of customer service is by providing our clients with low rates and unparalleled customer service. When entrusting Strategic Home Loans with your home loan, you can expect the following:

Guaranteed closing costs: We guarantee our fees, the appraisal fee, and the lender fees to be exactly the same as quoted on your initial consultation. The reason we can guarantee these costs is because, as the broker, we have control over these fees. Other closing costs are third party fees including escrow fees, title fees, recording fees, and all other closing costs. These fees vary depending on your specific situation. A Good Faith Estimate including our fees, lender fees, and all other recurring and non-recurring closing costs will be forwarded to you.

Good Faith Estimate: After we receive your completed loan application, we will forward a Good Faith Estimate with all the fees associated with your loan. We make every effort to quote third party fees as accurately as possible. Thus, we are unable to guaranteed third party fees. However, before you sign loan documents, we will go over the Final Closing Statement to review all fees. The Final Closing Statement reflects accurate figures for all recurring and non-recurring closing costs.

Return your emails within 24 hours: We will return all your emails within 24 hours of receipt with the information you requested. Emails sent on the weekend will be returned by Monday morning.

Return your phone calls within 2 hours or less: All phone calls will be returned within 2 hours from receipt if made during our business hours.

Close your loan on time and without hassles: We guarantee we will close your loan on time. Most importantly, we will make the loan process extremely smooth and without any hassles.

The best possible loan to fit your needs: We always look out for our clients’ best interests. We have access to over 100 national investors and lenders and over 500 different types of loans and programs available. Our goal is to find you the most competitive rate and term that fit your needs, not ours.

Weekly updates: We believe in keeping our clients updated throughout the escrow period. We will update you every Wednesday. However, we may be in touch with you more often if needed. In a purchase transaction, we keep all parties involved, including the listing agent, selling agent, and escrow officer.

Least amount of documentation for your loan: We understand how busy our clients are with their lives. We make every effort to request the least amount of documentation from our clients.

Ethical business practices without compromise: We take pride in our impeccable reputation in the lending industry. We also treat each client with honesty and respect.

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